Dittrich, Samuel Petrus


The Rev. Samuel Petrus Dittrich, son of Augustus Heinrich Dittrich & Maria Eleonora Klemm, was born 6 May 1834 in Tiflis (North Caucasus) and died 4 April 1882 in the Volga German colony of Frank. His first wife was Anna Amalie Lilienthal, and his second wife was Jenny Butzke.

He studied theology at the seminary in Dorpat (today Tartu), Estonia, and was ordained on 6 January 1861.  From 1861-1863, he served as the director of the Central School in Katharinenstadt.  He served as pastor to the congregations in Morgentau (1863-1864), Riebensdorf (1865-1879), and Frank and Hussenbach (1879-1882).

He is the brother of Pastor Felician Joseph Dittrich who served the congregation in the neighboring colony of Beideck.


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Pastor Samuel Dittrich.
Source: Basel Mission via Alexander Baumung.