Dettenheim, Kr. Karlsruhe, Baden-Württemberg

Dettenheim dates back to 788 and was located right on the banks of the Rhein River. Due to persistant flooding, all of the villagers moved in 1813 to a new location approximately sixteen kilometers south southeast and founded the town of Karlsdorf. Today, only a few buildings remain in the area that was previously Dettenheim (now called Alt-Dettenheim). The area of Alt-Dettenheim was merged in 1975 with the former municipalities of Liedolsheim and Rußheim into a new city called Dettenheim.

Dettenheim, Kr. Karlsruhe, Baden-Württemberg

Pre-Volga Origin

Title: Shcherbakovka
Latitude: 50.489167
Longitude: 45.687167
Title: Galka
Latitude: 50.376333
Longitude: 45.798333
Title: Morgentau
Latitude: 50.351957
Longitude: 46.643032
Title: Eckheim
Latitude: 50.783333
Longitude: 46.898167
Title: Neu-Galka
Latitude: 50.050000
Longitude: 46.880333
Title: Kana
Latitude: 50.437167
Longitude: 46.635000
Latitude: 50.288667
Longitude: 45.348333