Metzlos, Kr. Vogelsberg, Hessen

Today, Metzlos is administratively part of the municipality of Grebenhain.


Mittelgasse 5
36399 Nieder-Moos

During the Middle Ages, Metzlos belonged to the Catholic parish in neighboring Crainfield. In 1524, Crainfield parish was split and Metzlos became part of the new parish in Nieder-Moos. This parish became Protestant in 1528 during the Reformation.

From early records (1525), there was evidently a chapel located in Metzlos. Its exact location and when it ceased to exist is unknown.

The church building located today in Nieder-Moos serves those who live in Metzlos. It was built from 1783-1791 under the direction of master builder Franz Engelbert Springer. The exterior is built of ashlar masonry. The tower's onion-shaped hood is topped by a lantern. The interior, which as balconies on three sides, was covered with a mirror vault until 1809. It was painted originally in 1884 and restored in 1956. The pulpit altar dates from 1787 and stands along the southern wall. The stone baptismal font dates from 1605 and was originally made for the church in Stockhausen. The organ has 22 registers, 2 manuals, and pedal. It was built in 1791 by Johann Markus Oestreich and restored in 1978 by Förster & Nicolaus.

Metzlos, Kr. Vogelsberg, Hessen

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Exterior of the church in Nieder-Moos (2011).
Source: Wikipedia Commons.

Interior of the church in Nieder-Moos
showing the organ loft (2014).
Source: Wikipedia Commons.

Interior of the church in Nieder-Moos (2014).
Source: Wikipedia Commons.

Pre-Volga Origin

Title: Kraft
Latitude: 50.481667
Longitude: 45.470000
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Longitude: 45.704846
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Longitude: 45.348333
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Longitude: 46.807500
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Longitude: 46.714167
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Longitude: 46.673667
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Longitude: 45.798333
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Longitude: 46.643032