Blehm (Shcherbakovka)

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Blähm (Shcherbakovka)
Blöhm (Shcherbakovka)
Blehm (Shcherbakovka)
Bloehm (Shcherbakovka)
Блемъ (Shcherbakovka)
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Nikolaus Plöhn, son of Jürgen Plöhn & Catharina Kruse, was born in 1705. He married 11 October 1737 to Adelheit Margaretha Wulf (born 1718; died 20 February 1760). He remarried to Catharina Maria Augustin (born 1728; died 22 January 1806). Nikolaus Plöhn died 15 December 1782.

Hans Jürgen Plöhn, son of Nikolaus Plöhn & Adelheid Wulf, was born 26 March 1744 in Groß Rheide.

Jürgen Plöhn from Klein-Bennebeck (a few kilometers south of Groß Rheide) married there in 1763 to Eva Katharina Schock, the divorced wife of Christian Schock, son of Christian & Anna Barbara Schock. On 11 August 1763, they are recorded in No. 1 "Gottes Schutz" in the colony of Friderichsneuland. They deserted the colony on 14 April 1765 and joined the migration to Russia.

Georg Blehm, a farmer, his wife Eva Katharina, and sons (Nikolaus, age 3; Ferdinand, age 1) are recorded in the Volga German colony of Shcherbakovka on the 1767 census in Household No. 35. They had settled there on 20 May 1766.

In 1790, Ferdinand Blehm moved from Shcherbakovka to Dobrinka.

In 1796, Georg Michael Blehm and his siblings moved from Shcherbakovka to Kratzke.

The families of Georg Friedrich Blehm and Christoph Blehm, both from Dobrinka, are recorded on the 1857 census of Erlenbach in Households No. 17 & 18, respectively.

The 1767 census records that Georg Blehm came from the German village of Chroserei [?] in the Holstein region.


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Record of the birth of Hans Jürgen Plöhn on 26 March 1744 in Groß Rheide.
Source: David Blehm.

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