Scottsbluff, Scotts Bluff Co., Nebraska

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Scottsbluff, Scotts Bluff Co., Nebraska
Winter Creek, Scotts Bluff Co., Nebraska

Settlers from Brunnental arrived in Scottsbluff in 1909 and Sallet reports that by 1910 about 35% of Scottbluff's population of 7,000 were Volga Germans.

In 1910, a sugar refinery was constructed in Scottsbluff and sugarbeet companies sent agents into the neighboring large cities to hire Volga Germans as beet workers. In the spring of 1910, they began to arrive from Loveland (original colonists from Frank), Sterling, Denver, and Lincoln.

The Scottsbluff Sugar Company built a factory in Scottsbluff in 1910. It was acquired that same year by Great Western Sugar.

Volga German Families: 

The following Volga German families settled in and around Scottsbluff, Nebraska:

Abel from Müller
Achziger from Kolb
Adam from Neu-Norka
Adler from Kolb
Amen from Frank
Arndt from Konstantinovka
Axt from Jost
Barthuly from Neu-Balzer
Bastron from Frank
Batt from Frank
Bauer from Frank
Bauer from Neu-Norka
Bauer from Norka
Bauer from Shcherbakovka
Becker from Erlenbach
Becker from Kraft
Behm from Unterdorf
Benzel from Kolb
Bernhardt from Frank
Bertram from Kraft
Bisterfeldt from Nieder-Monjou
Blum from Norka
Brecht from Schöntal
Brethauer / Bretthauer from Walter
Brill from Norka
Brotzman from Huck
Brungardt from Frank
Bruntz from Merkel
Buchhammer from Kraft
Burbach from Norka
Buxbaum from Kraft
Dahlinger from Rosenberg
Debus from Kukkus
Deines from Kratzke & Norka
Dermer from Konstantinovka
Derr from Norka
Dittenber from Kukkus
Ditter from Frank
Dolberg from Beideck
Dorn from Walter
Dreith from Beideck
Drumheller from Schilling
Eckhardt from Brunnental & Frank
Ehrlich from Shcherbakovka & Unterdorf
Eirich from Schwed
Eisenach from Frank
Elenberger from Brunnental
Ehrhart from Bauer
Eskam from Konstantinovka
Fabrizius from Kratzke
Fagler from Norka
Feagler from Norka
Fertig from Bauer
Flack from Jost
Foos from Merkel
Fox/Fuchs from Kautz
Frank from Kautz
Friehauf from Norka
Fritzler from Wiesenmüller
Fuchs from Frank
Gettman from Brunnental & Frank
Gorr from Schwed
Graf from Schilling
Grauberger from Dietel
Green from Neu-Norka
Greenwald(t)/Grünwald from Frank
Groskopf from Frank
Grosskopf from Frank
Hamburger from Norka
Hansch from Rosental
Har(d)t from Kautz
Hauff from Merkel
Haun from Hussenbach
Heigel from Norka
Heil from Lauwe
Heilbrun from Dietel
Heinrich from Norka
Helzer from Norka
Herdt from Rosenberg
Hergert from Brunnental
Herrman from Hussenbach
Hessler from Norka
Hettinger from Dietel
Hiegel from Norka
Hilzer from Norka
Hoff from Frank
Hoffmann from Hussenbach
Hohnstein from Norka
Huck from Huck
Kammerzell from Frank
Kanzler from Kolb
Kaufmann from Frank
Kautz from Merkel
Kechter from Kolb
Keller from Unterdorf
Kindsvater from Brunnental
Klein from Frank
Klein from Kautz
Klug from Köhler
Knaub from Merkel
Knaus from Ährenfeld
Kuhlmann from Rosenberg
Kukas from Kukkus
Kuxhausen from Rosenberg
Lackmann from Dietel
Lebsack/Libsack from Frank
Lehl from Norka
Leikam from Laub
Leis from Hussenbach
Loos from Norka
Loose from Kraft
Lundgren from Franzosen
Mai from Kratzke
Margheim / Markheim / Morgheim from Merkel
Marsch from Neu-Messer
Maul from Norka
Mehling from Hussenbach
Meininger from Kolb
Meis from Katharinenstadt
Miller from Dönhof
Nagel from Norka
Nuss from Neu-Müller
Ostermiller from Beideck
Otto from Kaneau
Pauley from Neu-Norka
Pfenning from Norka
Popp from Balzer
Propp from Hussenbach
Rahmig from Ropsenberg
Reiber from Kolb
Reichel from Dietel
Reifschneider from Saalfeld (Rostov)
Rein from Merkel
Reisig from Shcherbakovka
Reitz from Kukkus
Reizenstein from Grimm
Reuter from Kautz
Rexius from Kraft
Riezanstein from Rosenberg
Ring from Dietel
Robertus from Balzer & Neu-Balzer
Roth from Beideck
Satur from Frank
Sauer from Norka
Schaaf from Huck
Schaneman / Schanaman from Norka
Schaub from Frank
Schildt from Merkel
Schillereff from Frank
Schilling from Hussenbach
Schlager from Merkel
Schledewitz from Jost
Schleicher from Norka
Scheidt from Stahl am Tarlyk
Schlotthauer from Kraft
Schmer from Oberdorf
Schmidt from Frank
Schmunk from Rosenberg
Schreiber from Norka
Schreiner from Kautz
Schwab from Hussenbach
Schwartzkopf from Dönhof & Rosenberg
Schwindt from Norka
Seckinger from Frank
Sinner from Konstantinovka
Sitzman from Frank
Specht from Merkel
Spies from Liebental
Spreier from Dietel
Steben from Bauer
Steinbrecher from Unterdorf
Steinmark from Unterdorf
Steinmiller from Frank
Storm from Herzog
Strauch from Beideck
Stricker from Erlenbach
Stroh from Frank
Thaut from Frank
Trumheller from Konstantinovka
Wacker from Brunnental
Wagner from Frank
Walter from Frank & Neu-Norka
Weber from Walter
Wegelin from Merkel
Weideman from Unterdorf
Weinmaster / Weinmeister from Dietel
Weisgerber from Huck
Weiss from Frank
Weitzel from Frank
Weitzel from Rosenberg
Welsch from Nieder-Monjou
Werner from Susannental
Willmann from Frank
Wittman from Oberdorf
Worster from Schilling
Wunder from Gnadenfeld
Yeager from Norka
Zeiler from Frank
Zitterkopf / Zitterkoph from Huck
Zwetzig from Morgentau

Notable Individuals: 

- Sallet, Richard. Russian-German Settlement in the United States (Fargo, ND: North Dakota Institute for Regional Studies, 1974): 52.


- East Lawn Cemetery (
- Fairview Cemetery (
- Fairview / Scottsbluff City Cemetery (
- Sunset Memorial Park (

Map of Scottsbluff area.

Great Western Sugarbeet Factory in Scottsbluff, Nebraska.
Source: Western Sugar Cooperative.

Great Western Sugarbeet Factory in Scottsbluff, Nebraska.
Source: Western Sugar Cooperative.

Pre-Volga Origin

Volga Colonies

Latitude: 49.708333
Longitude: 8.089167
Latitude: 50.369722
Longitude: 9.323611
Latitude: 48.362778
Longitude: 8.631667
Latitude: 48.637222
Longitude: 9.131667
Latitude: 48.431639
Longitude: 9.152186
Latitude: 50.348889
Longitude: 9.328611
Latitude: 49.838495
Longitude: 6.477153
Latitude: 49.750000
Longitude: 8.833330
Latitude: 49.851389
Longitude: 7.527222
Latitude: 50.354167
Longitude: 9.170556
Latitude: 49.650000
Longitude: 10.066667
Latitude: 50.650000
Longitude: 11.366667
Latitude: 49.201389
Longitude: 10.586940
Latitude: 49.233333
Longitude: 9.166667
Latitude: 49.143222
Longitude: 9.498500
Latitude: 50.730833
Longitude: 9.195556
Latitude: 50.483333
Longitude: 9.399722
Latitude: 50.365061
Longitude: 8.636564
Latitude: 50.851944
Longitude: 9.555000
Latitude: 49.605766
Longitude: 6.561415
Latitude: 50.464113
Longitude: 7.661984
Latitude: 50.464113
Longitude: 7.661984
Latitude: 49.459444
Longitude: 8.168056
Latitude: 48.580000
Longitude: 7.750000
Latitude: 51.108056
Longitude: 10.646667
Latitude: 52.783333
Longitude: 12.050000
Latitude: 51.799167
Longitude: 12.406944
Latitude: 51.799167
Longitude: 12.406944
Latitude: 50.405278
Longitude: 8.155000
Latitude: 49.806389
Longitude: 8.115556
Latitude: 49.479999
Longitude: 8.179760
Latitude: 50.374500
Longitude: 9.084300
Latitude: 49.150000
Longitude: 8.983333
Latitude: 50.327778
Longitude: 9.170000
Latitude: 50.187222
Longitude: 9.156111
Latitude: 50.470507
Longitude: 9.078511
Latitude: 50.381111
Longitude: 9.327222
Latitude: 50.386111
Longitude: 9.296944
Latitude: 50.210833
Longitude: 9.107778
Latitude: 50.199722
Longitude: 9.111389
Latitude: 50.408889
Longitude: 9.367222
Latitude: 50.333308
Longitude: 9.711272
Latitude: 50.314722
Longitude: 9.331389
Latitude: 50.314722
Longitude: 9.291944
Latitude: 50.312778
Longitude: 9.624167
Latitude: 50.275000
Longitude: 9.371944
Latitude: 50.616389
Longitude: 8.968889
Latitude: 50.637778
Longitude: 9.394444
Latitude: 50.229167
Longitude: 9.112500
Latitude: 49.820278
Longitude: 9.257222
Latitude: 50.681213
Longitude: 9.474738
Latitude: 50.310305
Longitude: 9.090287
Latitude: 49.842708
Longitude: 8.826458
Latitude: 49.842708
Longitude: 8.826458
Latitude: 50.258365
Longitude: 9.296395
Latitude: 50.019118
Longitude: 8.695494
Latitude: 50.258365
Longitude: 9.296395
Latitude: 50.308056
Longitude: 9.269722
Latitude: 49.842708
Longitude: 8.826458
Latitude: 49.113584
Longitude: 8.508800
Latitude: 50.258365
Longitude: 9.296395
Latitude: 50.258365
Longitude: 9.296395
Latitude: 50.258703
Longitude: 9.102003
Latitude: 49.472870
Longitude: 8.654302
Latitude: 50.947183
Longitude: 9.860890
Latitude: 51.104541
Longitude: 13.201738
Latitude: 49.472870
Longitude: 8.654302
Latitude: 49.474326
Longitude: 8.329176
Latitude: 49.714861
Longitude: 8.839583
Latitude: 49.714861
Longitude: 8.839583
Latitude: 48.954549
Longitude: 8.747114
Latitude: 50.592778
Longitude: 8.856389
Latitude: 49.813163
Longitude: 9.039460
Latitude: 50.273889
Longitude: 9.095000
Latitude: 49.813163
Longitude: 9.039460
Latitude: 50.412745
Longitude: 9.007876
Latitude: 49.738298
Longitude: 8.328269
Latitude: 49.707951
Longitude: 7.666639
Latitude: 50.318209
Longitude: 9.229098
Latitude: 50.946919
Longitude: 10.709288
Latitude: 49.100285
Longitude: 8.973628
Latitude: 50.493844
Longitude: 8.855260
Latitude: 50.218889
Longitude: 9.041667
Latitude: 48.566192
Longitude: 7.870432
Latitude: 50.631944
Longitude: 8.397778
Latitude: 48.843988
Longitude: 8.499544
Latitude: 49.193027
Longitude: 8.933828
Latitude: 49.509595
Longitude: 8.179546
Latitude: 49.573595
Longitude: 7.710573
Latitude: 49.901055
Longitude: 8.844496
Latitude: 50.450000
Longitude: 9.916667
Latitude: 50.241389
Longitude: 9.167500
Latitude: 50.584051
Longitude: 8.678403
Latitude: 50.450000
Longitude: 9.916667
Latitude: 49.874969
Longitude: 8.826425
Latitude: 49.800476
Longitude: 8.823767
Latitude: 50.264444
Longitude: 9.184722
Latitude: 50.254464
Longitude: 9.023556
Latitude: 50.286296
Longitude: 9.111384
Latitude: 50.294255
Longitude: 9.029714
Latitude: 50.287156
Longitude: 8.844207
Latitude: 50.154964
Longitude: 8.749507
Latitude: 49.167719
Longitude: 8.892526